The First Step - Genesis Merger with Dacian Gold and Equity Raising  
    Investor Presentation and Briefing  
    Dacian Gold Presentation - May 2022  
    Dacian Gold Presentation - March 2022  
    Equity Raising Presentation  
    2021 AGM Presentation  
    Precious Metals Summit September 2021 Presentation  
    Equity Raising Presentation  
    Dacian Gold Presentation - Building a Platform for Growth  
    Dacian Gold AGM Presentation  
    Presentation - Strategic Merger of Dacian Gold and NTM Gold  
    Dacian Gold Presentation - Delivering on Objectives  
    Dacian Gold Presentation - Unlocking Potential  
    Positioning Mt Morgans for High Margin, Sustainable Production  
    AGM Presentation  
    Dacian Gold Investor Presentation - October 2019  
    Dacian Gold Investor Presentation - September 2019  
    Updated 8-Year Life of Mine Plan  
    Dacian Gold Investor Presentation - July 2019  
    Dacian Gold Presentation - Joining the Producer Ranks  
    Dacian Gold Annual General Meeting 2018 Presentation  
    Dacian Gold Investor Presentation - October 2018  
    Dacian Gold Presentation - Nearing Steady-State Operations  
    Nearing Steady State Operations  
    Equity Raising Investor Presentation  
    Investor Presentation - June 2018  
    Dacian Gold Presentation - First Gold Milestone Reached  
    BMO Global Mining Conference Investor Presentation  
    Investor Update Presentation  
    AGM Presentation and Project Update  
    Investor Presentation - September 2017  
    Mt Morgans Gold Project - Diggers and Dealers Presentation  
    North America Investor Presentation  
    Investor Presentation - Gold in 10 Months  
    Presentation - Euroz Securities Institutional Conference  
    Equity Raising Presentation  
    Equity Raising Investor Presentation - amended  
    Equity Raising Investor Presentation  
    Mt Morgans Feasibility Study Presentation  
    2016 Annual General Meeting Presentation  
    Company Presentation - UK and North American Roadshow  
    Company Presentation - UK Roadshow  
    Company Presentation - North American Roadshow  
    Equity Raising Investor Presentation  
    Resources Rising Stars Conference Presentation  
    Diggers and Dealers 2015 - Presentation  
    Sydney RIU Presentation  
    Investor Presentation  
    AGM Presentation  
    Company Presentation  
    Diggers and Dealers 2014 Presentation  
    Company Presentation  
    RIU Presentation  
    AGM Chair Address and Managing Director Presentation  
    Diggers and Dealers Presentation  
    Investor Presentation  
    RIU Explorers Conference Presentation