Northern Group

The Northern Group has seen very little exploration but remains geologically very attractive for hosting gold mineralisation.

Most of the targets within the Northern Group are conceptual in nature, though there are also promising high grade rock chips.

The northern area of the Redcliffe Gold Project differs to the southern areas. The regolith profile is largely stripped with more outcrop and less transported material. Depth of weathering is generally less than further south.

The level of exploration in the northern area is far less than in other areas of the Redcliffe Gold Project. Although extensive first pass geochemical work has outlined several large coherent gold-in-soil anomalies including Aliso and Canjada, there has been little drilling to date.

Other areas including Greymare Creek where historical RAB drilling completed in the 1990s returned anomalous drill intercepts that still require follow-up work.

The Saturn Anomaly, identified by NTM, consists of a large circular shaped magnetic high interpreted as a possible granitic intrusive and represents a different potential deposit style to the gold mineralisation associated within the Mertondale Shear Zone.

Northern Zone

Northern Zone