There is significant exploration optionality and excellent opportunities for discovery within the Mt Morgans Gold Project area which can be broadly grouped into two styles of targets.

Jupiter / Wallaby syenite hosted analogues:

Cameron Well is a classic “donut” style magnetic anomaly measuring 1.1km in diameter.  Situated in the core of the anomaly is a large 200m by 150m syenite which has remarkable similarities with the Doublejay syenite at Jupiter.  The Cameron Well Syenite Complex is located in an extensive 6km2 gold-in-regolith anomaly measuring 2.6km x 2.4km in size. The gold anomaly is now defined by 385 shallow reconnaissance RAB and aircore drill holes which includes intersection of 7m at 15g/t gold from 15m, 4m at 14.1g/t gold from 20m and 8m at 13.0g/t gold from 20m.

Callisto is another large “donut” style Wallaby-like magnetic anomaly that is unexplained.  The geological signature suggests strong magnetite development as seen at both Jupiter and Wallaby.  Callisto is poorly explored and under sediment cover.

Westralia BIF hosted analogues:

Rainbow Bore forms a 2km long section of broadly drilled mineralised BIF.  A strongly sulphidised breccia intersected 11m at 9.1g/t gold.

Maxwells is an east-west striking BIF that outcrops with a number of historic workings.  The BIF has shallow ineffective RAB drilling and minor RC drilling.  An intersection of 7m at 3.2g/t gold has been recorded by previous explorers.